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New Guild Ranks / Structure

Droolpool, Sep 12, 12 1:44 AM.

Guild Structure

As a guild that hosts player run events, instance runs, raiding and PvP events, organization  is an imperative factor that will keep us together as guildmates and colleagues. Guild ranks are used to distribute responsibility of managing and organizing the guild as a whole. The following is a listing of the current guild ranks. Keep in mind that as we grow, more positions may be available, and advancement to an officer status is very possible. At all times, all guild members are asked  to remember this is a game, we are all here to learn and recreate, let’s work to make it a meaningful and pleasurable experience for all!

Please remember although the guild is very cooperative in nature and many of our decisions are based on feedback and constructive conversation, rank structure is managed  in a way that is in the best interest of guild development and is done by the Guild Masters


What It Means To Be An Officer

The chain of command is as follows: Guild Master (Lord & Lady) is first in command, Grand Maester is second, Knights Council is third, members ranks are fourth (Knight Champion, Knight and Squire).

To be in a position of leadership (officer) means that the person will have to be willing to organize, plan events, and set up meetings if necessary.  However, as a requirement, they have to be able to help others with their own problems with an unbiased and fair view, and not brush it off to resume their own play. As such, people skills, patience, and a willingness to help resolutions be brought to light are a must. The Abandoned Knights is a family, and as leaders, we're the ones that are responsible to ensure that ideal is upheld. Failure to exhibit these qualities means ineligibility for an officer position. If for any reason, someone has an issue with an officer, the concern should be brought to the Guild Masters immediately.

Guild Master:

Guild Masters is the main leadership position of the guild. The Guild Master stewards the core values of TAK promoting creativity, curiosity, collaboration, and courage. It is a political, social, and emotional position.

Some of the more basic tasks of the job include make sure everyone is kept informed, managing the maintenance of the website, and taking a hand in coordinating the ranks as needed. The guild master will also be the one who calls meetings and gatherings. If the guild master is unavailable for any of the above, the Grand Maester is available for assistance. The Guild Master recruits, organizes, and generally manages guild activities and relations.

Grand Maester:

Guild Master responsibilities can't be done alone, and the title (sadly) can't be shared. The Grand Maester, in direct consultation with GM, works to provide leadership and promote community development.

Knights Council:

The Knights Council members are very active guild members who work towards guild recruitment and planning guild activities. These are dedicated players who have volunteered their assistance with managing guild activities and relations. As such, diplomacy skills must be adequate enough to foster the needs of a healthy community.

A Knights Council member is a person for our guild members to go to for discussing matters that concern them, allowing for private discussions that can be brought to the attention of the Guildmasters and Grand Maester if needed. The Knights Council members work to resolve issues in a positive, collaborative, and effective manner.

The Knights Council also can set up instance runs for guild members, plan groups, and organize raids. The Knights Council may also assist members in acquiring weapons and armor so they are properly equipped. If a member/members needs a specific Instance done in the future, they should get in touch with an Knights Council member. Planning ahead is the best, and even the officers need to have fun and enjoy the game.

Knight Champion:

A Knight Champion is just that: a time tested loyal member to The Abandoned Knights. These individuals have been through thick and thin with the guild to get where they are, and are generally allowed to take part in the major decisions that need to be made.



The Knights form the base of our members who have dedicated themselves to the betterment of the guild. To become a Knight at minimum requires the member to register to the guild website.


The lowest rank, but still one of the most important, until becoming a Knight their overall participation with other members will be monitored to ensure that they have no malicious intent, and that they get along with everyone. Squire have no obligation to stay with us, and can leave at any time they wish.

Knight Raider:

Knight Raider is rank used during special guild events awarding bonus repair and guild bank access.  


The stockade is considered a time out rank, for members who have a problem following the guild rules and/or is being unruly. The rank allows the member to read guild chat but doesn’t allow them to participate in the conversation. The time in the Stockades will reflect the infraction and be determined by the Guild Master.

T.A.K. Heroic Morchok

Droolpool, Aug 22, 12 2:37 PM.

Screen Shot or it Didn't Happen

Droolpool, Aug 8, 12 5:26 AM.

Guess it happened


Droolpool, Apr 4, 12 11:05 PM.

Deathwing is no longer suffering from madness, Thanks to TAK for putting him out of his misery!! 8 of 8 Way to go TAK!!!!

We Are IronMan

Droolpool, Mar 9, 12 12:36 PM.

Several members of The Abandoned Knights recently embraced a new, very personal achievement: leveling a character "Iron Man" style. What started out as only a small movement, this bare bones, no-frills style of play has now transformed into a community-wide call-to-arms known as the Iron Man WoW Challenge, inviting World of Warcraft enthusiasts to see how close they can get to level cap with only the barest of necessities.

The goal of the Iron Man WoW challenge is simple: level from 1 to 85. The catch, however, is that you must accomplish this task without the assistance of talents, class specialization, stat-improved gear, professions, buffs, item enhancements, or other players. And if you die? Well, then it’s back to square one.




Here are some of the latest rules:




1. All gear employed must be White or Grey. Also, no Heirlooms of any sort.

2. No transfer of gear, items, or money from any other character (yours or others).

3. No gear enhancement(s), thus no socketed gems, enchanting or reforging. Exceptions exist for class abilities (example: rogue poisons).

4. No specializations, talent points, or glyphs. This restriction also applies to talent points for pets.

5. No professions or secondary skills. An exception is made for First Aid.

6. No potions/flasks/elixirs (except those labeled as quest Items).

7. No food buffs or other external buffs (this includes buffs from items and other players).

8. No grouping or assistance from other characters, even if not grouped.

9. No dungeons/raids. No battlegrounds/arenas.

10. No guilds. An exception is made for Iron Man guilds. No guild perks.

11. No Recruit-A- Friend activities. The intention of the challenge is that it be done without assistance.

12. No add-ons that assist in combat and/or leveling.

13. THE BIG ONE: No deaths. Character death for any reason disqualifies the character.





- All mounts

- All bags/containers

- All quests (including holiday and daily quests)

- You may train and use all your class skills (including your own buffs)




Interested in joining? Awesome! Join us on the Suramar Realm. Create a level one character and level it to level 10.  List your name on our We are IronMan Forum. Additional rules and details can also be found on the unofficial Iron Man WoW website, hosted and moderated by players like you.

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